Gutter Cleaning Services in Redding Ca - An SEO Review

Joshua Cabe Johnson - SEO

Joshua Cabe Johnson - SEO

Joshua Cabe Johnson has been an SEO since 2008. He has helped over 1,000 small business owners show up in Google search.

An SEO Review Of a Gutter Cleaning Company in Redding Ca.

And I am back again for our weekly SEO reviews, where I do a live SEO audit.

And I’ve got these little stacks here. I get them a couple of times a year. And these small business owners pay money to get advertising on here.

And I wanna see, hey, if you’re paying money here, you should have a web presence, right?

So let’s check it out.

All right, so I’ve got Woody’s Brewing Company. I don’t think I’m gonna do that.

There’s a few other breweries in here and this is really a word-of-mouth thing and I think it’s probably good that they’re advertising here.

It says, “Drink local.” It’s good. Hopefully, they’ve got a good website, but I’m not gonna be doing any key research on where to drink a beer in Redding, California. It just sounds really boring.

This is bike rentals. Might be interesting, but I’m gonna stay away from that right now.

I’ll put a pin in that and it might be an interesting research topic, and so we’ll see here.

All right, stop cleaning your gutters. This is a good one.

Dino’s Rain Gutters. We’re gonna do this guy.

I really need to reverse my camera so that you guys can see what I’m looking at here.

But he’s got all kinds of stuff here. Way too much text for marketing and I don’t see a website. So let’s do some research and see what we find.

Okay, so we have a decently structured website.

It’s nesting and search, this is what you want, we’ve got 3.7 reviews out of 19 reviews.

That’s a bummer. You know, cleaning gutters might be a personal thing. Maybe he’s dented some things along the way up on the ladder.

I don’t know why people are getting mad at him.

I guess we could look. And, yeah, looks like, you know, you see these things, these things fall into the

E experience, the expertise, the authority, the experience, and the trust, those are the local algorithms.

So you can bet your buns here that these right here, value, responsiveness, quality, punctuality, you think those don’t tie into SEO, they do. All of that stuff ties into local search, so keep your brain on when you’re running a local business that all those things in reviews matter.

By the way, if you don’t know yet already, make sure that when people leave your review that they say what you did for them.

When they describe the type of service, those are little benchmarks.

Those are little keywords that pull up in search when people are running search queries on your brand and stuff, services that you have to offer. All right, I’m looking at the website. I’m gonna just look at here.

Seamless gutters, Redding, California. Looks like there might be some SEO going on here. That would be a first.

Oh, yes, look at…we have some SEO folks. Seamless gutters.

It doesn’t really say installation or maintenance or help. It just says, “Seamless gutters.” What is this? E-commerce.

This is a service website. So that’s a little bit off, I guess.

I think that would be better if they did, you know, gutter cleaning or things like that.

We’re about to do a keyword research, so we’ll probably see, like, what the highest topical information that I put there.

But their title says “Custom seamless gutters for your home.” So custom gutter installation for homes.

So the problem I see here right now is this is a local service that is kind of branding their website or at least their SEO around their website from an e-commerce type of view, which might be what they’re going for.

You know, aluminum steel gutters downspouts, you know, various sizes and styles.

Learn more. I’m gonna click on this. So, now, we’ve got seamless gutter installation.

So is it installation or are we buying this product? And I think we might be doing a little bit of both, which is fine.

So it looks like we have a downloaded color chart. So that actually is good and that falls into some good SEO parameters there to have that.

But really I think the smallest issue I see here is, like, this is a service-oriented website that offers this product, but there’s a mix match as far as user experiences.

Like, “Hey, can I buy this online or do I have to hire your services?” And so I think maybe some clear call-to-action would be better.

This word installation is probably good to have on here. Let me just look at the on-page here. Custom gutters when you want custom gutters for your home, business, call Dino’s.

That’s a good description. Meta description. This title is horrible though.

Professional seamless gutter installation. So at least on this H1 they have a good H1 and that’s good.

I’m gonna do some traffic research here.

Unfortunately, they really don’t have a lot of traffic.

You can see last fall there was a pretty heavy algorithm. It seems like they were starting to kind of get some traffic and then they just kind of bumped down and dropped down.

The unfortunate side, too, is it looks like they’re building links, or at least they probably have some citations. Look at that.

They’re building links and so it almost looks like maybe there’s somebody trying to SEO this site.

But I feel like really things aren’t adding up here.

And I think, you know, going through here and looking at the way that their website is structured, it looks like, you know, they have shortened their URL parameters so that’s decent. But I think there’s just some work to be done, to be tidied up here.

This looks decent, right? But I think that there’s definitely some on-page issues going on here.

I’m gonna look at their About. Remember, guys, I’m always looking for those heat signals when it comes to local search. “For over 25 years.” Okay, so it looks like this is the owner. Great. I’m sure he does a good job. Oh, that’s a customer from Chico. Okay.

That’s interesting, right? A little mix-match and signals there with Chico and Redding.

And so it looks like he does Shasta, Tehama, Butte County.

So that’s all fine. I think there’s a lot of work with architecture, landing pages, missing landing pages, and missing, like, location.

Maybe some location pages, to really make this website start humming. Because you can see here there’s really no traffic. But I’m gonna do some research real quick.

So you can see here gutter installation, gutter maintenance. Both of those keywords have a ton of traffic behind them. So right here is where your jackpot is.

Rain gutter installation. Installation costs. All this stuff. Look at these costs per clicks. These are great keywords with great traffic. Obviously, this is nationwide traffic, take

Redding, it’s a little tiny piece of the pie, but still… After just a quick research, I’m gonna do gutter installation Redding, California.

I’ve got a bunch of sponsored. This looks like it might be local, but this is nationwide.

Nationwide. Nationwide. Mostly nationwide stuff. You got some local maps here, that’s fine.

What I’m looking for is who’s ranking locally above places like Yelp and this old house, that might even be that backlink that we were looking at.

But I’m gonna look at these guys here and see what kind of traffic. Oh, this is the same guy. Look at that.

He’s ranking number one for gutter installation Redding, California.

So that’s good. If you’re a competitor of Dino’s Rain Gutters, it wouldn’t be that hard to actually outrank this competition or at least expand the net a little bit and grab a lot of these missing keywords that are out there. And you know what, it’s a good chance that Dino’s is ranking because he’s got a backlink on here.

I’m gonna go back here and just backtrack just a hair here and look at his backlinks and, let me just look at his backlinks here.

Look at this old house, this is a really good backlink to have and he is…

an image of gutter cleaning services company in redding ca - an seo review

Okay, so he probably paid for this.

Yeah, these are all local companies in Redding that are paying for this.

And this page is actually ranking in search. And so you can see companies in Redding.

So this page is literally trying, this is like a mega authority website trying to rank in Redding.

So I guess, you know, if you’re a business owner and you can’t get your own website to rank, might as well piggyback and pay for inclusion somewhere else.

Or hire an SEO and have your own pages ranking. I think I would prefer the latter, but, yeah, I think I’m gonna close it with this.

Video’s getting long. I’m trying to keep these around five minutes and, yeah, so lots of opportunity for this customer or for this business rather.

Joshua Cabe Johnson - SEO

Joshua Cabe Johnson - SEO

Joshua Cabe Johnson has been an SEO since 2008. He has helped over 1,000 small business owners show up in Google search. Contact Josh for an SEO review.


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