Pest Control Services in Redding Ca - An SEO Review

Joshua Cabe Johnson - SEO

Joshua Cabe Johnson - SEO

Joshua Cabe Johnson has been an SEO since 2008. He has helped over 1,000 small business owners show up in Google search.

An SEO Review Of a Pest Control Company in Redding California

Video Transcription

What’s up, guys? We’re back at it again, where I dive in and give honest SEO reviews, website visibility, Google search visibility reviews to local business owners in my area, which is in Redding, California. 

And this week, we have something really unique where I came along this card here. 

It’s Big Time Pest Control. The ironic thing is that I used to actually do their SEO, and the long story short is I used to white label or private label for a marketing agency here in town, and I managed all of their SEO campaigns. And that marketing agency ended up being bought out, and I’m not sure what happened after that. But I stopped managing the SEO for Big Time Pest Control. 

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But back in 2018 and ’19, we were doing their SEO, I think part of ’19.

And so let’s dive in and see if they’ve still got good traffic, and, you know, maybe we can learn a couple things. All right. So, I’m going to type their brand into search here, and you can see, even on auto-populate, they’ve got a lot of good strength in their brand. 

They’re running ads right above their actual website for their brand query. I don’t think that they need that. There is a strategy sometimes when you wanna do this in the sense of there might be competitors running ads next to your brand name. 

This is not the case here, and I would think that they’re probably wasting at least $100 every month in doing this when people can just go straight to their website. There’s a good structure here. It looks like there’s nesting happening. They’ve got a lot of their services and things like that.

They also have multiple GBP locations that seem to maybe be verified. We’ll look at this here. Yeah. These are verified. Excellent reviews. Look at all those reviews, 350 reviews and 4.7, which is great. They’ve listed products here, which is a really good way to take advantage of GBP optimizations. 

They’ve got questions and answers happening here, which is awesome. And they’ve got a lot of local citations, too, some of the more important ones, you know, Home Advisor, Facebook, LinkedIn, Nextdoor, Yelp. So, it’s all good stuff. I’m gonna go to their website. 

You can see that their website’s really clean. This is a lot what it looked like when we were managing this website. You know, what I like about this is they go to the pane, right? A lot of people just don’t like bugs. And so one of the first things you see right here is a coupon, but then it says, “What kind of pest problem are you having?” And it says, “Crickets, earwigs, hornets, silverfish, roaches, spiders.” 

People don’t like this stuff where they live, and so, you know, you get to click on this, and it’s presenting an issue, a pain point, a problem, and then it’s saying, “Here’s who we are, and here’s what we do,” which is a great thing.

They’ve got a contact form right there on the front page, and then they’re still blogging, which is really good. One of the things that we did when we were managing the website is we developed a content strategy to help grow their overall traffic. 

And we figured, hey, if we can grow some really good traffic to this website, it’ll pull up the authority, and ranking locally should be no problem. And so that’s exactly what we did. We started looking and diving into what kind of fears do people have with bugs or questions do they have with different kinds of bugs, and can we start writing blogs around these questions and things? 

And so one of the first posts that we did was, like, what is a Jerusalem bug? It was, like, Jerusalem bug or things like their Jerusalem cricket, I believe. And we got a lot of traffic.

So, let’s dive in here, and we’ll go to Ahrefs, a really good, everyday, useful tool for SEOs. I’m gonna click on all-time traffic here and just click on organic search. And we started managing here right around ’18 and ’19, which is good. The marketing agency sold, and we don’t know what happened with Big Time Pest Control or anybody in that marketing agency after that. 

However, I do work with one of the web designers, which has been great. And then it does look like whatever SEO we did still it kind of looks like it kind of came back. Maybe they had… You know, looks like they’re definitely continuing with that blog strategy. 

That would explain the traffic spikes and drops here. And this one looks like, whoa, you know, over 12,000 searches a month for a local pest control company. That’s a lot of traffic for a local pest control company. 

So, that’s really good. But let’s just dive in a little bit here. So, some of these keywords you can see, like, if I unclick these, like, these top three keywords are really what you wanna look at. Like, that’s where the money is. That’s where the traffic is. And you can see here, back in ’17, we’ll say, they had 29 top 3 keywords. 

Or let’s go back to ’17. They had eight keywords in the top three. And then, as we kind of took them on, it grew to 20, almost 70. Now, we’re getting into, you know, 150 keywords that were in the top 3. And, now, you know, it looks like they’re at a 410. Looks like, wow, they dropped significantly just this last month, down to eight again.

So, this is a huge problem, guys. Looks like they have definitely lost a lot of their traffic, unfortunately. And I’m sure whoever’s managing their marketing or the owner is scratching their head going, “What are we going to do? Where did our traffic go?” So, that’s a bummer. 

So, let me look at these keywords and their rankings. I’m gonna go to the previous month here. Actually, I should go to… Okay. So, it does look like they’re probably swinging back in. Let’s go previous three months, and you can see… So, it looks like they’re kinda pulling into position again. 

So, you see these random keywords. So, it definitely looks like they kept that blog strategy that we initially implemented for them. “Black Widow Spider Facts.” It doesn’t have a date here. I would suggest to them they do…instead of stock photos that they get… Maybe this isn’t a stock photo, but I would definitely suggest… 

They’re doing alt tags on their images too, so that’s good. I don’t see too much internal linking. Title’s good, “Black Widow Spider Facts.” Good descriptions, good H1. A little bit redundant on “Black Widow Spider Facts,” good H2s. So, not too bad. Not a lot of internal linking. 

I mean, they have one internal link thing that goes back up to their spider control landing page for pest control. That’s great. And that’ll help that page, help that rank.

Let me just look at this page. So, it’s unfortunate this actual landing page is not being optimized too well. “Spider Control in Northern California.” I’m not sure if that is actually a traffic keyword. Let’s find out. Maybe it is. We’ll just do “Spider Control” and see if what they’re optimizing their web pages for. 

Okay. So, there’s some stuff going on for “Spider Control.” So that’s good. And cost per click is a good keyword to rank for. And I’m not sure if that page is ranking. Let’s just take a look at it. Site Explorer. Boom baa. Exact URL. And then we’ll be done with this video. 

So, they do have some keywords ranking on this “Spiders.” No traffic zones, though, so that’s unfortunate. So, they could definitely work on this page, work on a little bit of the on page, right? Indexability, self-canonicalized. It’s good. Yeah. It’s probably lacking content. 

Not a lot of content on here. They go right to a coupon. Probably not great. Okay. So, they do have the content down below. So, yeah. I would say there’s a lot that you could do with this page to get this to rank better, maybe some little bit more internal linking. Does not look like they have… Okay. They do have it here onto their main menu.

Maybe some backlinks would be good for this page. I’m not sure if they have any backlinks. Looks like they do have backlinks. Let’s look at here. 

These are junk backlinks. These are just competitors looking at that page. So, they really don’t have any backlinks. So, they would do really well with some good internal linking, some quality backlinks hitting this page. And yeah. They need to get this page ranked. 

But, overall, hopefully, that massive traffic drop is only temporary, and they’ll get a lot of their ranking back.

I’ll end with this, Google’s AI is getting really smart, guys, where we kind of need to be careful with trying to spit out a lot of content on a website for the sole sake of just search traffic. 

And I wanna just emphasize that content that we’re publishing has to be good quality, all the way down to the images not being stock. Google’s done with stock photos. 

And, really, is this content beneficial for somebody who is reading it? Is this content valuable? And why would this pest control company print this type of content? Why would they publish this type of content? And if it helps somebody, maybe, you know, with their home invasion of a Jerusalem bug or a black widow, then that’s great.

And so a tip for this business owner is if they were to do a content audit, instead of just talking about a black widow, and I didn’t read the content, and so this is just in the assumption that they’re just talking about the black widow, maybe they should also offer tips of how to get rid of black widows and how to eradicate them, and then, if all else fails, hire your pest control service. 

Joshua Cabe Johnson - SEO

Joshua Cabe Johnson - SEO

Joshua Cabe Johnson has been an SEO since 2008. He has helped over 1,000 small business owners show up in Google search. Contact Josh for an SEO review.


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