Plumbing Services in Redding Ca - An SEO Review

Joshua Cabe Johnson - SEO

Joshua Cabe Johnson - SEO

Joshua Cabe Johnson has been an SEO since 2008. He has helped over 1,000 small business owners show up in Google search.

An SEO Review Of a Plumbing Services Company in Redding California

Video Transcription

And I am back. We are here with Headfloods, SEO review, where I take these promotional cards that we all get in our mail and I kind of do a deep dive. 

Not really a deep dive, but a quick dive into what does their visibility look like? They’re spending all this money on these cards. Shouldn’t they have a website? Shouldn’t they have some visibility online? And so, let’s get right to it, right?

image of plumbing services in redding california - an SEO review by Joshua Cabe Johnson

So, the one I decided to pick was Earl’s Plumbing. I’m not super into the marketing, you know, but it’s not too bad. It’s got some bullet points and it’s got their logo and it’s not bad. 

It’s got the typical, like, plumbing colors on it and stuff. And I will say that I believe that I have had service from Earl’s and they do a good job. But let’s look at here. We’ve got Earl’s Plumbing and this is their Google reviews, 1,563 reviews all at 4.8 stars, which is pretty awesome if you ask me. 

They have worked very hard and they should be proud to have that many reviews. I see a lot of citations and assets kind of pulling up here. You’ve got just a lot of structured data happening here, reviews pulling up in search, and yeah, so let’s take a look.

We’ve got a couple of mixed signals happening though. We’ve got earlsplumbingredding dot com. It almost looks like they’ve got two websites. Let me go down here. 

So, this is the .net, which is this one here. So, it does look okay, so…All right. So, I would not be surprised if they’ve been recently hit by the algorithms. The latest algorithms are just basically, hey, if you’re spitting out a lot of content pages for the sole purpose of just winning in search, and it really doesn’t make sense and they’re low-quality content, i.e. like location pages, you’re going to get hit.

And that was the most recent algorithm that hit a lot of small business owners in March of 2024. And so this, unfortunately, when I land on this, is the top page and this is horrible, right? 

So, we’ve got a JavaScript error happening here, looks like, or some type of Facebook feed error and there’s no real footer on this website. Just really poor user experience in general. 

But it does have some content, that’s interesting, it loaded at the bottom. And this looks actually a little bit better. This logo just needs to be updated. They should really just throw it into, like, Canva and eliminate the background, and then change the white to blue. But maybe they like it like that, that might be okay.

Hey, I’m not complaining because, you know, when you have this many reviews, you probably don’t care about what your website looks like, but you should care. 

And I’m going to go in here and just see. So, we’ve got service locations and plumber in Redding. I’m going to look at some on-page SEO here and just look at what’s going on. So, plumber in Redding, California. Looks like some on-page SEOs happening here. Plumber in Redding, California. So, that’s all good stuff. I see good stuff.

The H1 is the first headers, the H1, and we’ve got some since 1988-type stuff. Self-canonicalized, some decent content, just horrible user experience. But hey, you know, it’s probably okay. 

Let’s go to…gosh, they have a lot of stuff going on here. So, let’s go to water heaters and then tankless water heater repair and installation. So, I’m just going to look at this page here real quick. And this is canonized good. Little bit long on the title page. Tankless water heater repair. 

Tankless water heater repair free quotes for the description. The description’s good. H1’s good.

Yeah. All right. So, let’s go in here and let’s take a look at their traffic real quick. Before I do that, this is their other website. It’s unfortunate, they really just need to just probably…they’re probably getting some traffic on this too, which is why they haven’t taken it down. 

But this looks like maybe a website that’s been dedicated to just Redding. It’s not secure. Again, really poor user experience. And then it’s just got this spammy, like, location-based stuff going on here. So, I’m going to look at that second.

But first, we’re going to look at this one, Pull it in HFS here. And let’s just look at some of the overall traffic going on. It does look like they’re kind of building backlinks, you know, 120 referring domains. And then they’ve got organic search. 

Looks like their highest point in organic search was in 2017, and it looks like in February they did take a hit, in March and April they started coming up again, which is surprising given the fact of all of their spammy-looking location pages.

Let me look at their keywords though. And yeah, okay. So, we’ve got…and then let me just compare this to the previous three months. 

So, plumbing coupons they’re showing up for, but that’s a really interesting keyword. If you are a business owner and you’re wondering, what keywords should I go for? Look at your competitors. You never know where the gold mines are unless you look at your competitors. 

And that’s the very first thing that we do when we bring on a client, is we dive into their competitors and we start building a proposed architecture for their website, a proposed content plan. And we start optimizing for things that we can get quick and easy wins first and build the structure and the foundation of the website first. And then we start pushing into blog strategy second.

But you can see some decent…so water heater service here, they lost that recently, unfortunately. I’m wondering why. Again, this page is probably why. 

Look at this page. It’s just horrible. It loads down here. So, something’s happening in the script where it’s loading way down here. I think this is the one I was looking at, but it looks like a long title, nothing wrong with the H1. So, I’m not sure what’s going on here other than, you know, maybe it just…it needs some help. So, the backlinks though, are out of control. You’ve got just over a hundred referring domains. But you know, I think I saw 24,000 backlinks. So, they might have, like, some sidebars, some footer backlinks going on. So, they really kind of need to watch that, that could end up biting them in the butt.

I’m just going to look at this one landing page here and see if it’s ranking at all. So, it looks like it was never really ranking and then it swung up in search for about a month in January, and then it swung back down. 

And they’ve got 234 backlinks to it, but only one domain, which is just insane, right? So, you’ve got Earl’s Plumbing Services linking to it, and so is that a different domain? Yes, it is. And it’s linking from the sidebar, I imagine. So, that’s what’s going on here.

These guys are asking for trouble. There’s a lot of spammy stuff going on here and I understand, you know, the concept, the late ’90s, the early 2000s, where it was just, like, all about just flood the gates with location pages and you’ll rank and spammy pages. 

Google Deck can’t really detect low quality, flood the gates. And it looks like unfortunately, you know, whoever’s managing the website or stuff maybe still believes that, or maybe they’re trying to fix that.

But if I were to give any SEO advice for this company, obviously, the reviews speak for themselves and still a lot and most of their business would be held with those reviews, their verified locations. But from a website standpoint, I would choose one website, dedicate it to that. 

Unless they’re going, like, nationwide and they want to hit different states and things like that. But it’s much simpler to build an authoritative website with one domain. And you know, this is just really bad. This is really bad and it’s embarrassing. 

Obviously, you know, it’s just, this isn’t their main site. I think this is their main site. Let me see what their main site is.

Let me go to this one, their Google business profile, and click on their website. So, this is their main website and again, loading way down here. So, some bug is making the pages load way down there. They have a lot of content on here and the website needs a major overhaul, it needs a complete cleanup. 

And I think that that would really help with conversions because their UX is going to be cleaned up and so forth. And I don’t want to keep going because the video’s gone on way too long. But I just feel like there’s a lot of improvement that needs to be worked on with this website.

Joshua Cabe Johnson - SEO

Joshua Cabe Johnson - SEO

Joshua Cabe Johnson has been an SEO since 2008. He has helped over 1,000 small business owners show up in Google search. Contact Josh for an SEO review.


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