Roofing Company in Redding California - An SEO Review

Joshua Cabe Johnson - SEO

Joshua Cabe Johnson - SEO

Joshua Cabe Johnson has been an SEO since 2008. He has helped over 1,000 small business owners show up in Google search.

An SEO Review Of a Roofing Company in Redding Ca.

What’s up, guys? We are here again for another SEO review of these local business owners in Redding, California. 

And I’m gonna go through the mix here. 

So, let’s see here. I’ve got Wyntour Gardens. I don’t need to do Wyntour Gardens, I’ll tell you why. These guys, they sell, you know, all kinds of garden supplies and stuff, mostly plants, and flowers, and vegetables, and things like that. 

Word of mouth, they have dominated this area with word of mouth. I tell you what, good customer service, good word of mouth, being in the community, you really don’t need any internet marketing. You should have a really solid website, though. 

So, maybe I’ll come back to that some time and make sure that they have a functionable website. Logan’s Roadhouse is a chain. I’m not gonna do that since we’re talking about micro-business owners.

Tugwell Roofing, this is a good one. So, I’m gonna do Tugwell Roofing. And here we go, we got this. I should probably reverse the camera here. And they got a couple of things here. And, yeah, let’s get started. All right. So, the branding, the way they have the branding on this card here is Tugwell Roofing Co. 

So, I’m gonna do that. Also, keep in mind, guys, whenever you’re typing in your own brand and you see this, you wanna be clicking on that and making sure that your reviews are coming up good. 

If you don’t have good reviews, you need to get some good brand reputation happening there, or you need to strive to work for good reviews, or run some ad campaigns, some cost-per-click campaigns in Google and punch in, you know, just a specific landing page with your reviews, and those ads will go right to that for those reviews.

So, I’m gonna click on this, and we’ll see what we’ve got here. All right, good. So, we’ve got some good reviews, all 4.9. It’s over like the benchmark. 

You want to have at least minimum 20 reviews, it depends on the niche. If you were to say, like, overall, you want to have at least 30 reviews, at least 4.5 stars and above, there were some recent reviews, some data points that came out where there were people that kind of did a survey, and a lot of people want at least 30 reviews of 4.5 stars or above when it comes to local business owners. 

And I think that fluctuates depending on the business, but let’s get down here. So, we’ve got a verified Google business profile, we’ve got superior…look at these reviews, superior service, quality of work, pricing, and quality products, these are great reviews.

You’ve got the website showing up top. They don’t need to run ads, and the reason why they don’t need to run ads for their specific brand is because their website looks like it was probably structured sort of, well, from what I can see, it’s pulling down a nested version of their website. 

This is all great stuff. They’ve got this citation here with good reviews showing up here, they’ve got Facebook next and blah, blah, blah, all this stuff, right? So, all this stuff, and then you have related search reviews, related searches. You’ve got all this stuff. So, here’s a little tip, run ads. 

If you can’t get yourself to optimize for these related searches to your brand, you should be running ads if it makes sense to run the ads. Run ads to your related searches.

I’m gonna click on this website here. I’m gonna take a look. Tugwell Roofing Company. All right. So, we’ve got some keywords here. Lemme look at… So, their description is missing. They have a extremely short… 

Okay, so they’re not doing on-page SEO. Quality roofing services, backed by name you can trust. 

So, their slogan is an H2. I don’t really recommend that. 

So, they’re not doing that great of… Yeah, they have some issues already with their on-page. When you land on it, I like the warm feeling that I get. I’m looking at, you know, just the whole team, that’s great. 

Couple of dudes with their hands in their pockets, probably not the best thing, but it’s all good. And this is okay here, this is good. I would say that this section right here should be up. But I’m not gonna get too much into user experience.

And these are all good. Instead of clicking on Learn More, right here, they should be internal linking to an actual insulation landing page, an optimized insulation landing page. 

Link in the content, and link the image, and link the call-to-action button. You will get good little SEO, Scooby Snacks from doing that. And these are all just linked to a core services landing page. And it looks like they have basically one landing page for their services. 

All of these little sections here should be broken out. They should shorten up these paragraphs, and then they should say, “Read more,” and it should go to a specific landing page. Why? Because it helps with user navigation, helps with user experience, it helps with internal linking and SEO, and it helps with ads. If you’re ever driving ads to those pages, you boost your relevancy. 

When you boost your relevancy, you drop your cost per click, and you increase your conversions for your user experience.

So, just think about that. When people get kind of cheap and they’re like, “I don’t wanna build these extra landing pages, doesn’t make sense,” trust me, it helps, especially when you step into marketing. This is a lot of content. That’s great. It’s probably fine. 

And lemme just check their traffic real quick. You can see in here, I’m in Ahrefs. You can see their traffic here. Organic traffic shot up after the last algorithm update, which is a good signal. That means that they have a lot of their E-E-A-T signals in place. 

Remember, guys, if you’re running a small business, you have to have the E-E-A-T signals, experience, expertise, authority, and trust, right? You gotta have those signals going.

image of roofing company in redding california - an SEO review by Joshua Cabe Johnson

Let’s take a look at their traffic here. And it looks like they’re really only ranking for roofing company Redding. But I can guarantee you, if I clicked on that, there’s probably a lot more keywords that they could be going for, even though this doesn’t really help us. 

But if I were to do roofing company, we’ll just do that real quick, roofing company, and I click on that, just a real quick keyword research tells me that there’s a lot of traffic that they could be going after. It appears that they’re only getting maybe 60, 100 search clicks a month to their website. They could be getting a lot more, especially with all of the different optional services that they have. 

Offer tile roofing, that’s a keyword. Metal roofing, that’s a keyword. Asphalt shingles, that’s a keyword. They could triple, quadruple 10 by their traffic in, I would say, 12 to 18 months with a really good SEO plan

And I didn’t get into their backlinks and stuff, but this company has a lot of opportunity, and I hope that they somehow find this video someday, and they maybe reach out to us, or they find a good SEO company that they can trust to help them grow their online visibility.

Joshua Cabe Johnson - SEO

Joshua Cabe Johnson - SEO

Joshua Cabe Johnson has been an SEO since 2008. He has helped over 1,000 small business owners show up in Google search. Contact Josh for an SEO review.


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