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Joshua Cabe Johnson - SEO

Joshua Cabe Johnson - SEO

Joshua Cabe Johnson has been an SEO since 2008. He has helped over 1,000 small business owners show up in Google search.

An SEO Review Of a Junk Removal Services Company in Redding Ca.

What’s up, guys? This is Josh of Headflood. And this little pack of cards here are a bunch of businesses that send out flyers a couple times a week. 

And you know what, a lot of these businesses don’t even have websites. So, I’m gonna pick one today and we’re gonna review and go through what kind of visibility they have. So, stick around. 

All right. So, today we’re going to choose Shasta Strong Junk Removal. And you can see here, this is their branding. Not too bad of a logo. The nice house in back of the background. I guess maybe he’s going for, you know, maybe upper-end residence. 

That’s fine. And the back is pretty clever. You know, he is got some bullet points and stuff, but no website. No website on this, at least.

Let’s see here. So, we are going to do a brand search query. And I did not spell that right, so I’m gonna click on that, make sure that we do this.

And he does have a website showing up, so it’s a bummer that he didn’t put it on here. Maybe he just didn’t feel that that was important. 

I feel like that is a miss, and he should have definitely put on there. But look at this.

My goodness, what a champ, 87 five-star reviews. I’m going to click on his reviews here. And oh, hey, guess what? I’ve left… Oh, hey, actually I think he hauled some junk away for me. I remember this guy. 

This guy’s awesome. Yeah, I remember this guy. So, one thing, if you’re a business owner, small business owner, when people leave you reviews, have them mention what they did for you in the review. Those are little signals that’ll push out to Google

And those are very strong SEO signals for local search actually. So, he’s got a website, a Yelp, he’s got Facebook, Nextdoor, MapQuest, he’s got a lot of local citations that matter.

He doesn’t have, like, junk citations showing up, so that’s good. But this is just awesome. He’s got photos. He even added products, which is great. You can tell he’s working on his GBP, which is just…that’s awesome. 

I’m gonna click on his website because we’re talking about SEO, right? And here’s his website here. It looks like he does have some traffic. I’ll go ahead and click on that and see what kind of traffic we got here.

And wait for Ahrefs to log in. But I’m looking at here…let me just see here this content. So, junk removal, hauling, Redding, California

Not bad with a phone number in the title. Not bad. This is obviously long, but it’s okay. Google’s probably not gonna worry about that and it’ll probably just clip it anyways. The first heading’s not a header. That’s unfortunate. It could end up being his template. 

But you can see here the first… And honestly, I think Google’s smart enough, but you always wanna try your best to put the H1 as your first header.

So, “Junk Removal, Hauling, Demolition & Dumpster Rental Services.” Not bad. I think that I would probably tweak this a little bit, and make it pop up a little bit more for some actual keywords.

But let me go check Ahrefs here. And you can see he is actually ranking pretty well. Look at this. Position three, you know, top three. So, actually, he’s only got…okay, so he’s got two for his brand, and then he is got Junk Removal Redding and junkremovalredding.com. 

And then the third position. So, really, those two keywords are really… So Junk Removal Redding, Junk Removal Redding California are the two keywords that he really should try to get. 

You can see there’s some volume here, and it would probably give him a little bit more business, so he’s not showing up first in there, which is unfortunate. 

But he could, just with some small on-page SEO tweaks here, probably end up doing better and showing up a lot better. It’s unfortunate he’s only showing up for those two keywords.

Look at all these other keywords that he’s really not getting traffic for. And it doesn’t look like any of his landing pages. You can see some of his architecture’s poor. 

Right here, it says “new-page-1,” that’s horrible. And basically, it’s only his homepage that’s ranking. So he doesn’t really have…you know, he does have some service pages, but let’s look at this.

So, look at this, look at this. This is horrible. See this structure here, “/home,” pound sign or hashtag, depending on what you’re talking about, “junk-removal-hauling.” So that’s unfortunate. 

I’m not even sure if this is…so it does have a canonical here. But you can see here, “Junk Removal & Hauling in Redding, California.” Yeah, so the optimization’s poor. The on-page optimization is poor.

The UX isn’t too bad, though. Whoever built the website did a decent job, like, nice, clean, straight.

You know, it’s a junk haul removal, right? Like, you don’t need to get super fancy with this stuff, but it shows proof of work here. Obviously, his proof of work with his reviews. 

So, if somebody’s searching his brand, he’s got some before and after shots, excellent. Definitely good proof of work. Check mark list. Every single one of these checkmark lists should become a service landing page optimized for Redding, California.

He would shoot up his traffic and probably triple or quadruple his business volume just by doing that. 

Hiring an SEO, develop content, SEO-rich content for this, optimize it, have your SEOs publish it, on-page SEO, couple of backlinks, you know, here and there.

Nice quality backlinks. Boom. He’s gonna pop to the top. Like, this is a very no-brainer, easy business that could really do well. And yeah, yeah.

image of junk removal near me in redding california

So, these guys, I don’t know whose Ellis Laine is. Well, I do, but they need to do a little bit better on the on-page SEO. But yeah, not bad, not bad. I just wish…you know, I know this guy, I forgot who he is, but just a great guy. I remember talking to him, and he does a solid business. 

So it’s unfortunate that he’s only ranking for two keywords when he’s got all of this missed opportunity.

Joshua Cabe Johnson - SEO

Joshua Cabe Johnson - SEO

Joshua Cabe Johnson has been an SEO since 2008. He has helped over 1,000 small business owners show up in Google search. Contact Josh for an SEO review.


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